Life Shaping decisions

Sometimes we need to go through the eye of a needle, to refine us and shape who we are and who we will become. Sometimes in life there are hard choices but they have to be made. May Jesus bless your life in such a great and supernatural way.

Being a worship leader at my local church has become a harder job then I thought. But at the same time it has become much more enjoyable then the last half of last year. The band has grown spiritually so much. But on the other hand there are a few who I thought would be committed to the church and the church band who now obviously are far from that, and it is frustrating when the rest of the band is relying on other band members to turn up. In which some hard choices need to be made, which involves confrontation, not my strongest skill. But I have grown the last 2-3 months, taking on much more responsibility and stepped out and believe, I am believing Jesus for supernatural miracles, and I know they will come. The decisions that I need to make for the good of the band and to keep integrity and commitment will be life shaping and life changing. Which also involve making some life shaping decisions in my own life, through all this I know and believe that Jesus is in control of everything. Praise His mighty name.

English: Eye of a needle Italiano: Cruna d'ago

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~ by deepercriesout on February 20, 2012.

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