The places People look for signs from God

Well I must say that people look for Jesus in all sorts of places. Like an image of Christ in a cloud or tear drops from a statue of Mary, maybe a piece of fruit has shrivelled and looks like Jesus on the cross. And then what makes it even worse is that some people use these fake signs to make money out of innocent people. I mean here is a photo I took and it sort of looks like a bright flaming cross across the water and the sky.

I could say, this is a sign from God, yes it is His creation and it is majestic and beautiful, but too me that’s all it is, a wonderful creation from the maker of the Universe.

I suppose in some instances these accounts may be genuine. and I’m not trying to discredit people’s real encounters with God.

But I think most of the time all we have to do to find Jesus is look within our selves and see that Jesus is in us and through the signs and the miracles He performs in our life.

Be Encouraged that Jesus walks besides you each day and be glad for the things in your life He provides for. God Bless


~ by deepercriesout on February 24, 2012.

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