Is University that Un-Godly

Well I had a bit of an experience with the subjects I’m doing this study period with my University course this week. The subject matter seemed to be really anti God and one subject even basically said that it was the bibles fault that our environment was in the state it was. It talked about how traditional Christian religion, had made up our laws, and in this case our environmental laws. And how God said go forth multiply and be ruler over all the earth and everything in it, and compared this to the statement that it meant “go forth rape and pillage the earth, consume it and be wealthy, use the earth’s resources for what ever you want”. I was a little taken back by this.

God also tells us to be good stewards of what we have, and the lecturer also said that how science through Darwinism is helping to change environment law to improve the environment. I don’t agree. I mean, there are plenty of other cultures around the world that have destroyed the environment for their own gain, and it also depends on the person, people have a choice to use what they have usefully and as good stewards for what God has given them and what we have on earth.

Take a look at the cross, it was made of wood, how environmentally friendly is that.

So is University that un-Godly?

Christian Stewardship

I do not claim this picture is mine and it comes from the following website


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