This Christian Atheist thing?

Just the past week I have come across this terminology “Christian Atheist”. Some of what it means makes sense but there are a few things that I can not agree with. Firstly to me it doesn’t make sense, in my understanding wouldn’t the words Christian and Atheist used in the same term cancel each other out, meaning not believing at all. And for the meaning of a Christian Atheist to mean someone who is a Christian that sometimes has doubts about their belief in the bible. To me Doubt is something completely different than not believing in something all together. Atheist don’t believe in the bible at all, even though there are some great points to this “Christian Atheist’ belief, I just don’t see how you can link Christian and Atheist in the one sentence, just my point of view, but an interesting topic.


~ by deepercriesout on April 16, 2012.

One Response to “This Christian Atheist thing?”

  1. Seems like an interesting oxymoron to me. xD

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