E100 Reading 2 – Eyes Wide Open Genesis 3

Things in life that we think are good for us and we want are sometimes not that good for us. We think they might be but they are not, and the enemy will try and persuade us that it will enrich our life some how. Such as Adam and Eve, they thought once they knew what God knew that they would have everything they would ever need to live. They had more than enough in life, they had the garden, the trees, the fruit from the trees, the animals, rivers, lakes, oceans, land and eternal life, immortality.

It’s interesting to see that the original sin was to question (3:1), challenge (3:4) and disobey God’s definition (2:16, 17) of what was right and wrong, and not the popular culture idea that portrays sex as the original sin, sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is part of God’s design for creation

Sin bought immediate consequences, wow, what a revelation that sin brings immediate consequences, makes you start to think long and hard at our own lives.

Sin also causes a breakdown in our relationship with God, a separation from God, well it did, until Jesus died on the cross for our sin.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sin. Amen.


~ by deepercriesout on April 25, 2012.

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