E100 Reading 3 – Clean Sweep Genesis 6:5 – 7:24

It’s interesting to realise that God has feelings just like us. In today’s reading we see that the Lord was grieved that He had made man and God’s heart was filled with pain – possess’s a characteristic of man and women, just another conformation that we were made in His image. All the earth had become corrupt and God could not find one good person in it, except Noah, who had found favour with God and favour in the eyes of the Lord (Genesis 6:8). Noah was blameless and a righteous man who ‘WALKED WITH THE LORD”.

We see that God made a covenant with Noah (Genesis 6:18) as Noah was found righteous in his generation and everybody else on the earth was wiped out except Noah and his family. Through this we can see how far sin will take us away from God (Genesis 6:5) and sin left unchecked will destroy us.

God felt this pain because he loves us and it was hard for Him to see His people making bad choices. And we can see that He is a loving Father because we can see that His first emotion was not to catch people doing something wrong but a reaction of pain and grief (6:6-7), but unfortunately sin eventually lead God to act.

The reason Noah had favour and that God was pleased with Noah was that Noah was willing to listen and to obey God’s word (Genesis 6:22; 7:5)

We also have hope in the future with these chapters in Genesis in that even though God unleashed this overwhelming judgement of sin (Genesis 7:17-24) God had made a promise of a new beginning (Genesis 6:18).

God Bless


~ by deepercriesout on April 25, 2012.

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