E100 reading 7 – He Feels Your Pain Genesis 15

In verse 1, God encourages Abram to not be afraid, and God is his shield and his great reward. Abram in verse 2 has doubts about God’s ability to protect him and doubts that God’s wants to give him anything. We know that Abram becomes the father of many nations and in verse 5 tell’s him that his heirs will be like the stars in the sky.

This example must have had a really big impact on Abram’s faith, as after this we can see that Abram believed God, Abram seemed to have a supernatural encounter with God. Then Abram has more doubt when God tells him that the land he sees will be his possession and yet again god gives him proof.

Does this sound familiar, I suppose we can be like this in our own life. We believe God in one area in our life, but have doubts in another area of our lives.

As Abram went to sleep he felt great pain, because he knew what his people still had to go through before they would inherit the land, and maybe he knew that he would not see the inheritance of the land, but his heirs would. God knew Abram’s pain and comforted him and reassured him that God would bring judgement upon those who had enslaved his people.

God doesn’t always give us a detailed road map in life, Abram had faith, trusted in God and that God would get him to the right destination, faith doesn’t mean everything will be easy or make sense, but that God is always with us.

Sometimes we fel pain about a fear in our lives, a promise from God unfulfilled. For a women in ancient times it was a great shame not to have children and Abram asked God what He could give them, Abram was in pain for his wife and for God to say that they would have children may have felt to Abram that it was a hopeless situation. It was a source of emotional pain for Abram and Sarah (Genesis 15:2,3).

So sometimes we neeed to be honest with God and let Him know how we are feeeling. God gives Abram a little bit of hope by giving him a look at His master plan (Genesis 15:12-21).

We can also get a clearer picture of God’s plan for us by reflecting on what He has done in the past – in the bible and in our lives – and then trusting that He will be faithful in the the future.

Quoted from the E100 booklet:

“The greatest thing God does for Abram is not to build his faith or reveal his will. It is to let him experience his presence. Ultimately it is a real experience of God that wipes away our fear, pain and questions, and enables us to go through anything in life with courage and joy”

Prayer: Lord, you know the things in my life that cause me pain, anxiety and worry. Please show me how you are at work through those things, and give me the ability to trust you more.


~ by deepercriesout on May 2, 2012.

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