E100 Reading 9 – Analyse That Genesis 27,28

Genesis 27

Genesis 28

God help me to live in ways that bring you honour.

It seems that Jacob was Rebekah‘s favourite. As she heard Isaac speaking to Esau, his older son, he would traditionally be next in line as Isaac was getting to the end of his days, Isaac needed to pass on the blessing and family name to the oldest son. Isaac wanted to bless Esau as the next heir to the inheritance, so he sent Esau out for game food, Isaac’s favourite food and cook a meal for him. So off went Esau to do his duty. Rebekah knew how to cook Isaac’s favourite food, just the way he liked it. And has she favoured Jacob more she was going to be deceitful and cook the food for Jacob to take to his father, disguise him as his brother Esau so that Jacob would get the blessing over Esau. Jacob at first didn’t want to deceive his father because he knew that if he did deceive Isaac and he found out that he would bring a cures upon himself (Genesis 27:11). But Rebekah loved and favoured Jacob that much that she was willing to let the curse fall on her instead of Jacob.

It seems that Rebekah didn’t fully understand the consequences of her actions and was going on emotion and feelings and not cultural tradition. She was saddened at the thought of loosing both her sons on the same day. She was going to send Jacob away because once Esau found out he wanted to kill his brother in his rage of being deceived and the thought that his mother loved and cared about his brother more, and that the blessing was going to be taken away from him.

I don’t quite understand the cultural significance of this situation in that even though Jacob had deceived his father and his father had given him everything, the cattle, servants etc., that there was not one thing left of an inheritance to give Esau. Maybe because Isaac had already blessed Jacob he couldn’t recant or take back what he had already given to him. I suppose that is why God says not to make an oath or deal with somebody because then we are bound by it. It is an agreement that can not be broken, I find this very thought provoking.

It’s amazing that God has used a very dysfunctional family to build His nation of Israel, they are one of the most important families in the bible, it gives me hope in my life and other peoples lives that feel they are not worthy for God to use them and that God will and can use anybody to do His mighty work here on earth.

In ancient times “the blessing” was an important way to pass on the wealth and leadership of a family and in this case it seemed to have a spiritual impact as well. Parental Affirmation is still one of our most basic needs as humans and whether we receive it or not can either strengthen or weaken us for the rest of our lives.

In our time we see that some people don’t have a father figure in their lives, through all sorts of different circumstances. When they seek acceptance and love so desperately it can be a spiritual father that can make a huge and positive impact in their lives and all it may take is  extending a hand, a blessing to a child, teenager or young adult in their circle of influence.

We can see that no family is perfect. God uses the broken to accomplish his purposes.

As Jacob escapes for his life we can see that God isolates him because of his failure so that God can deal with him in a personal way (Genesis 28:10-22)

Some of the most broken parts of our lives are the best opportunities to have an encounter with the living God.

PRAYER: Help me God to be a bigger part of what is going on in my families life and draw them closer to me. Amen


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