Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 1

Outreach to Tenali 2012, India Part 1

Starting Point: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Destination: Tenali, India, Guntur District, Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

Our outreach (Gary Hetherington and I) was for 10 days, in which we visited the town of Tenali India and its Villages, slum areas, Widows, Tribal families, village children and orphanage. So finally after an 8 hour flight to Singapore, a 2 hour transfer and a 4 hour flight to Hyderabad India, a 4 hour sleep in a hotel and a 5 ½ hour express train ride (a 380km train ride) we finally arrived in Tenali. The population of Tenali is about 300,000+ and we were the only westerners there, as far as we knew and from what we had been told the only westerners in some time to come to Tenali and especially to share the Gospel message.

As soon as we left the airport in the car to go to a hotel for our 4 hours sleep, we now realized that India’s road rules were somewhat lacking. We asked the Pastor (Pastor Ravindra Babu) who was looking after us for the duration of our outreach, “What the road rules were like in India”, He’s response was “The road rules are very generalized”, hahaha. They were very general indeed. People used horns instead of indicators or if they wanted another driver to get out of there way, total mayhem. If we thought this was crazy, when we finally arrived in Tenali there seemed like there were no road rules at all and no left or right side of the road, on the roads there were trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, people, 3 wheelers, Buffalo, cows, bulls, goats, chickens, pigs, rats, dogs, and squirrels.

Our hotel for the night was in a slum area of Hyderabad and our drive through the slums really opened our eyes. It was like a party, but not really. People were doing drugs in the street, drinking and drunk people everywhere. Children asleep in the middle of the road on a small piece of medium strip while cars drove past. People asleep everywhere, on the side of the road, on the foot path, anywhere they could find. It was heart breaking that anybody could live like this, maybe they had a choice but maybe they didn’t. We couldn’t even have our widow down in the car as it was too dangerous for even that. That night we stayed in a hotel, which was classified as a deluxe hotel, well that is what the sign said. It seemed more like a prison, with all the security measures and bars, locks and bolts. We didn’t really care, as long as there was somewhere to rest our heads for our journey tomorrow. There were a lot worse off people and a lot worse places to sleep.

This first part is just an outline to the start of the outreach and I will break down the rest into about 6-7 blogs so as they are not too long to read and also will share some photos that I was able to take. And share more intimate experiences. Bless ya. Hope all enjoy reading about our outreach.

Our Deluxe lodging in Hyderabad

Room at hyderabad, yes there was only one double bed, to share.

Bars on hotel windows

Street outside our Hotel in Hyderabad

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One Response to “Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 1”

  1. Man so great to hear about India. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the journey.

    Bless ya heaps mate. you guy’s are awesome.

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