Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 2

Outreach to Tenali 2012, India Part 2

Destination: Tenali, India, Guntur District, Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

So we leave the hotel in Hyderabad India only after about 3-4 hours’ sleep and board a train bound for Tenali – about 380km South-East of Hyderabad. This was an express train which took 5 ½ hours, and then about 1 hour by car to our hotel in Tenali. God uses anybody and anything for his good. We had the same person driving us around the whole ten days while we were in India. I say that God can use anybody because being Christians you would think God would give us a Christian driver, but our drive was Hindu. The first few days the driver had not much at all to do with us except drive us around, but he kept an eye on us, watching our every move. How we reacted to certain things? Watching us during the outreach’s we did. Etc.

So after a few hours’ sleep we had our first outreach, which was in the evening with the village children around the edge of Tenali. I don’t know what I was expecting? Also I forgot to mention that in Indian, on our first day of outreach, the Indian people were celebrating a festival to one of their many gods’ – Ganesha the elephant god. So as we were arriving at the village, there were people everywhere dance and singing, doing drugs in the street, drinking, wildness everywhere. We drive down a narrow street, no room for turning around, no route of escape except reverse. We end about 20 meters from a dead end. At the end of the street there is a lot of adults celebrating and partying because of the festival. So what I was told is that the Hindu people worship Ganesha by day and then they are allowed to party in the night.

We went to get out of the car and pastor Ravindra told us to wait. He and the drive got out and called the children over, so as they gathered we were told we could get out of the car and meet the children. The pastor told us that we only had a few minutes to greet the children and hand out bread as there was a Hindu festival on in the background. And looking up I realized why we only had a few minutes, as a group of adults were slowly approaching us. First of all we received garlands from the children (during our time in India we received about 10 garlands, this is a sign of honor) and then showered with flower petals, Gary was able to share about Jesus for a few minutes, but soon there were more adults gathering behind the children, drunk and on drugs which started verbally abusing him and more people started to gather. And then our driver stepped in-between Gary and the adults to separate them and protect Gary and then we were ushered quickly back into the car before we started a riot, heading off in reverse. God used a Hindu man to stop harm coming to us (Christians). Wow God’s protection was on us the whole time. Also one thing that was sad about handing out the bread was that as we were giving the bread to the children, the adults were taking it from them so they could eat instead of the children. No wonder 4 children die in Indian every minute. We also went back there the following night, which I will talk about in my nexy blog on India

I have a few photos of us driving to the village, but as it was too dangerous to take photos at the village I was unable to.

Guntur District train Station, Our car for our outreach’s

View from our hotel window

On our way to the Village.

On our way to the village

On our way to the village

One of many garlands we recieved


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