Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 3

Outreach to Tenali, India Part 3
Destination: Tenali, India, Guntur District, Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

While on our outreach to India we had three Conferences for Indian Pastors. Pastor Ravindra at first told us there would be 17 coming not including himself to the conferences. By the time we arrived at Tenali there were about 60-70 pastors attending in total over threee conferences. God increased the amount of pastors. I thought it was a privilege to be playing worship songs in front of so many pastors and I got to play at every conference plus at two of them I got to speak for a short period of time before Gary got up to preach. The conferences were held in three different places in the Tenali area, and in unexpected places. At our first conference we got out of the car in a poor area, no typical church building in sight that could be used for a conference, just thatch houses and drainage water everywhere. But we walk down a path between the thatch houses and in amongst them was a small building that was a church. God’s work is done in all sorts of unexpected places. All of the pastors were really blessed by the preaching and music. Most of the pastor commented to Pastor Ravindra that they had never heard this type of preaching before. At the end of the first conference all the pastors in attendance came forward for prayer. And then the Pastor of that church and his family came for prayer. Also at the first conference this man that was hanging around outside during the conference, who wasn’t a pastor and not even a Christian just joined the line of pastors for prayer. The preaching was on loud speaker outside and the man heard Gary preaching and wanted prayer. I thought that was pretty cool.

So during the first few days, during the day we would go to the conferences and then of an evening we would outreach to different areas and demographics. So like the previous night this night we went back to the same poor village as last night to give them more bread and share a short message of the Gospel. I must admit I was a little nervous because of the incident last night. But when we got out of the car to greet the children, the atmosphere was completely different. About 30 children, 10 teenagers and a hand full of adults gathered around us. Gary shared about Jesus and then about 30-40 people gave their hearts to Jesus. It was a little hard to tell the exact number as it was a group salvation. As we were leaving to get in the car, a woman bought her husband out of one of the thatch houses, I don’t think their house was even thatch. He was very skinny and when translated the women said her husband was in much pain and sick. They had heard Gary talking about Jesus out in the street and wanted prayer. What an honor to pray for this husband and wife. And it just goes to show that some people that we can’t even see hear the word of God, words that God has placed in our mouth and people respond to the presence of God.

In part four I will talk more about the pastor’s conferences, the orphanage and the widows we outreached to. Bless ya.

Gary Praying for the Pastors

Second Pastors Conference

Me playing at one of the Pastors conferecnes

Path between thatch houses

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