Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 4

Outreach to Tenali, India Part 4
Destination: Tenali, India, Guntur District, Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

The second pastor’s conference was similar to the first except that it was in a different village. The third and last pastor’s conference felt a little different, in a good way though. The Holy Spirit moved, I sang two worship songs, Gary preached an awesome message, and I also got to preach for a little before Gary preached. Really felt like God was moving amongst all of us. There seemed to be more of an outpouring of God’s Spirit. Afterwards, when we were praying for the pastors, women started coming up for prayer, I think they were waiting outside while the conference was on. It was such a blessing that this happened, a conference for leaders but still with room for others to come for prayer. God’s house is an open door for everybody. One woman came up for prayer with a tumor just above her eye, she had some pain and after Gary had prayed for her the pain was gone, one of the healings we got to witness. At the end we got to pray for the pastor and his family of the church the conference was held in (While Gary was praying for them, I had a vision of an angel coming up behind them and wrapping it’s wings around them, wow). This particular church wasn’t welcome in this village and the locals were trying to get rid of it and there was even legal action in the process of trying to get rid of them. And I think also the neighbor’s had even tried burning the church down. So later Gary got to talk to the pastor and encourage him with the Word of God.

Oh and yes more garlands.

So the next few evenings we went to the orphanage Pastor Ravindra had started up and a community of about 40 windows in a Hindu Community. For me the feel of the outreach sort of changed after the conferences. We were able to get in and visit the local and surrounding communities. The orphanage was about 30-40 minute drive from Tenali, out in a village around the rice fields. During our time in India for me, the children really blessed my heart. They were so full of joy to see us. It was such an honor for them to tell us their names and to know our name. I think that by telling us their names, they feel important, not over looked, like somebody cares about them. It was so sweet. So the first time we visited the orphanage I got to sing a few worship songs for them and Gary shared a short gospel message with them. We were also able to buy them food and got to serve them. Thank you to all that gave financially, you blessed these children’s hearts and lives. We also got to see their living conditions. This wasn’t much more than a small brick and concrete building with three small rooms. The children and one of the workers slept on the floor on very thin mats. Most days they have little or no food or money for clothes. Also pastor Ravindra told us that he would visit the orphanage every 2-3 days. Sometimes he wouldn’t have the money to catch a bus out so he would walk most of the day to get there and stay for a few days and then walk back home. What a man after God’s glory.

Sorry didn’t get around to talking about the widow’s, will leave that for the next part. Cheers and Bless ya.

Orphanage Children

Orphanage Children

Orphanage Children

Orphange Worker

Orphanage Children


Third Pastor’s Conference

Gary Preaching

Gary Preaching


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