Outreach To Tenali 2012, India Part 5

Outreach to Tenali, India Part 5
Destination: Tenali, India, Guntur District, Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

Well sorry it’s been a while since I posted the next installment of our outreach to India a few weeks ago. Hopefully I will get the last 2-3 parts done today and tomorrow.

We visited the widows twice while in India during the evening. There was about 40 widows all living in a Hindu community not too far from where we were staying. Pastor Ravindra visits the widows about every 3 days. There is also a Sunday school there for the children in the community with Christian Pastors. How awesome is that. It’s a Hindu community with a Christian Sunday school for the children. One day these children will be the future for God’s kingdom. So anyway, our first evening visiting the widow’s was such a great experience. In my westerner thinking, I thought, just like the pastor’s conference that we would be in a small room or small hall to meet the widows and hand out food. But to my surprise, and I’m glad it happened this way, they pulled up two chairs for us in the street, and this was at night. So I was a little surprised. God uses every little situation, anyway he can to reach people for his purpose. And I was meant to be playing a few worship songs in front of the widows. Not only were there widows but children, teens and men from the neighbourhood gathered. What an experience and a blessing to played Christian worship songs on the street in a Hindu community. Wow. I played a couple of song and then Gary shared the message for about 10 minutes. And then an alter call. About 20-30 people gave their hearts to Jesus. And then we were blessed to hand out food.

I have a couple of photos of the Widows, sorry about the quality, but hopefully they will be clear enough. Bless ya.

Widows of India

Widows of India

Widows of India

Widows of India



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